Our newest family member: Lucy Liu

She is actually my parents dog, (but I get to share her).She came with the name Lucy and I added Liu (like the american actress, whom I like),. She’s a tiny little thing and has a super sweet disposition . She’s been through a lot of unsettling changes but seems so happy to be here with us now and already after only one day, seems settled and relaxed. . Her personality and looks couldn’t be more different than our beloved Jakey, which is good, as we won’t ever be able to compare her. Her little tail never stops wagging and she just wants to be pet, have her belly rubbed, give kisses and follow us around. She gets excited by the smallest things. I’m so happy my parents rescued her. She’s 7 and has had too much upheaval in her life. It’s nice to see her so happy and relaxed. My mom is already dressing her. Notice the pink scarf- and my parents just got her a new pink harness and purple coat, which the dog seemed happy about. She apparently knows all about getting dressed up and ‘looking pretty’.