A few poems I read today by various poets. I loved them & thought I’d share them here:

Come sit with me on the edge of the world,
where the calm meets chaos and we are met by our dreams. Let’s watch as madness swirls by our feet and love and scars and all that is beautiful passes by, and then we’ll lean over and catch memories in our
butterfly nets

By an anonymous poet:

She wears the night

like a mantle of mystery,

it’s colors stolen from

crow feathers and obsidian.

In sweet solitude of mind,

She listens to wind secrets

and echoes of distant star songs.

Drinking deeply of moonlight magic

and the rich golden hum

from the universe

she finds wings

and draws strength

in this cocoon of velvet darkness.

  • -anonymous

For Jane:

225 days under grass

and you know more than I.

they have long taken your blood.

you are a dry stick in a basket

is this how it works?

in this room

the hours of love

still make shadows

When you left

you took almost


I kneel in the nights

before tigers

that will not let me be.

What you were

will not happen again

the tigers have found me.

and I do not care.

-Carl Bukowski