A couple of quick christmas gift ideas to make: I made these for some of my friends. 3 projects: Crochet scarf, crochet bookmarks and knit christmas tree decorations. The little tree’s could be used in a number of ways, a few : as a tree decoration, strung together for a garland, attached to a gift, put in a christmas card, make a pin, attach as an applique to personalize a practical gift, like towels, food gifts, kitchen mits. etc…etc… I’ll TRY to upload an instructional video for the scarf and the bookmarks, the Christmas tree instructions can be found on youtube, Look up: ‘How to knit a Christmas tree’ by So Wooly. This womans instructions are very clear and she has such a calming voice, very pleasant to watch and easy to understand. I just thought I’d share in case anyone is looking for a few little last minute gifts to knit or crochet (that aren’t too time consuming, especially the tree’s and bookmarks).