Caroline Graham :My current favorite murder mystery writer:

So far I’ve read ‘A Ghost in the Machine‘ and ‘Faithful unto Death‘I love the added humor amidst interesting characters and entertaining stories. I think the English are especially good at adding humor to their stories. Maybe I’ve just been reading more English authors lately or it is just coincidental, or that I particullarly liked Caroline Grahams humor in her characters.

I haven’t been to the book club in awhile but something really great about going or even just attending online ,is that beyond the book discussions, and seeing the members, there are always new books that you are introduced to, that you might otherwise have thought to read. At any rate, if you like mysteries, I recommend reading some Caroline Graham.

Visiting my parents and my little Lucy. Here are a couple of photos I just took:

Me with No makeup and hair still wet from shower, getting old and don’t care. If I make it too old age, I bet my hair will be an odd color, as I just dont like it natural. This seems to be my look lately. I went back to the blue/green hair. I feel I look washed out with the grey (probably because I feel washed out inside. ) I wanted pics of me and Lucy, but had to do them separately, she wasn’t in a ‘picture taking’ mood.

So, I Haven’t done much painting lately, or much creating outside of my picture book project which hasn’t been shared here. The Children’s book is almost done for the health care facility I go to and I’m really happy about that. I’ve procrastinated on it for sooooooo long. It’s Much smaller than I initially was going to make it. I have to re-do most of the drawings to fit the new format. When you are doing your own self-published books, you have to keep costs in the forefront of your mind mind, unless you have the extra $ to throw at the project. Its a donation from me, so I have to keep it affordable. It’ll be cute though in a small format. I wish I had researched it more prior to creating the drawings, but you live and learn. When its done I’ll post it here.

I hope whomever read this has a very Happy New Year ahead!

The Luce=Adorableness. I love her grey hair

Today me and Lucy went to the beach. I haven’t been feeling well due to the moving and covid booster/flu vac. so it was especially nice to go for a short walk on the beach after feeling especially shitty this past week. The waves were beautiful. The photos really don’t do them justice. Also, I was excited to see a seal swimming pretty near the shoreline, but unfortunately I didn’t quite manage to get him on camera. I don’t usually see seals at this particular beach. Usually they are all hanging out together in large groups in Chatham, not as common to see any in East Dennis.

I’m in the process of moving (just a few minutes away really, but its still moving). So, I went onto fb marketplace to check and see if anyone has responded to my free furniture posts and found this. I bet it will be taken down soon, so I’ll tell you as well unless the link doesn’t work. Someone posted a bowl of oatmeal for sale. I laughed so hard, especially at the ‘new condition’ part:

Here’s a couple of ‘anti-anxiety’ knitting projects that I just finished. One of the shawls I gave to a friend, (and forgot to take a photo first) . These are available to purchase at my Etsy shop: ‘FreyasFalcons’. I plan on adding more there in the coming months. So check back for added items, such as: hats, fingerless gloves and other accessories. These shawls have been great projects as I haven’t felt much like painting or drawing recently. I’ve been listening to Laurie R. Kings audio books (sherlock holmes and mary russell series … and highly recommend them as good listening whilst you knit and crochet.

Note: The patterns below are varation’s on Stephen West’s “Boneyard Shawl” I used his basic pattern sans the ridges on these two. (Look up his youtube channel, he has some awesome instructional videos!) Anyway’s I followed his basic pattern for my friends shawl but changed it quite a bit for the two shown below). It is a good basic pattern for a triangle shawl or shawlette.

It’s hard to tell in the photos , but the brown yard has bits of metallic thread running throughout, Almost like colorful tin foil threads.

fall 2022.

I love this you tube channel. I’ve been watching quite a few of her videos and learning a few things along the way. Kate cracks me up. She has Great advice, but gives it with a healthy & down to earth dose of humor. Although I have no debt, I still could use some improvement with my finances and ideas on how to work toward having more savings. I thought I’d share this as it might be helpful to some, especially with prices being so high in just about every category.