Oracle cards pulled for the first half of September: Pulled from: Sandra Anne Taylors’ “Energy Oracle Cards”, Cheryl Richardsons’ “Self-Care Cards”, and Judith Orloffs’ The Power of Surrender” Cards. Enjoy!

“Community :Connection with Kindred Spirits”

“This card shows three women celebrating, sharing ideas and supportive energy. The lights in the picture represent your ever-present spirit community as well. When this card appears upright, it indicates an association of some kind. It may bea casual connection of like-minded people, joining a club or community of some sort, or even a business partnership consisting of three or more entities. The time is right to make such new connections and to share intentions, whether they’re personal or professional.”

“Networking and community are important parts of the human experience, and the security and sense of connection can be beneficial to all. It’s true that when several people join their intentions, it accelerates their power in the energetic realm. Receiving this card puts you on notice that the Universe is sending some beneficial allies your way.”

“Like the Happy Family card, this could also indicate a party or celebration of some kind.” – Sandra Anne Taylor

Cheryl Richardsons’self-care card for the week.: Faith: “Faith grows when you act without knowing the end result”
-and Lastly, from: The Power of Surrender cards by Judith Orloff, M.D. :”If you’re obsessing about a person or situation, turn the dilema over to Spirit. Doing so will help bring you clarity or even solve the problem.”

The week aheads Oracle cards:(from the 11th-17th, as I’m a day late in posting) The cards were pulled from the following decks: ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ by Colette Baron- Reid, ‘The Power of Surrender’ by Judith Orloff, and ‘The Spirit Messages’ by John Holland, Plus a bonus Word/Message from Cheryl Richardsons Self-Care Cards:

TendernessThis weeks selection From Cheryl Richardsons self-care cards

Something to consider (or perhaps meditate on?) How might this apply to you in your life? The back side of the card says: “Speak gently to yourself. Cherish the child within.” -Cheryl Richardson

Essential Meaning: The masculine principle of movement and creative activity; the power to make things happen;taking action.”

The Oracles Message: Yang represents the power of action, the energies that propel the world forward, and manifesting thought and desire into concrete form. Now is the perfect time to act, for you can easily build momentum and make headway. What you want will come to fruition if you proceed confidently. This card signifies new life and is a sure sign that obstacles have been overcome. There is no reason to hesitate. You are the shaper of your destiny now.”

Relationship message: Circumstances are supporting action on your part. It is o.k. to make the first move. Trust that you will quickly know where you stand. In matters of the heart there is movement toward your highest good, so go forth with assurance. Passion is in the air, and now is the time to dance to the tune of love. Take the lead.”

Prosperity Message:Projects, partnerships and all matters relating to your business are out of the obstacle phase and on to the “make it happen” phase! Now is the time to stake your claim and get things done. While you can expect to be busier than usual, this card tells you that you have all the energy and vitality you need to accomplish your goals. Abundance is waiting for you to claim it.” -Colette Baron-Reid (pscychic medium)

Surrender your belief in Scarcity: The Universe is asking you to open to the infinite nature of abundance. In this way, you can remove blocks in your life and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.”- This weeks selection from: The Power of Surrender cards”, by Judith Orloff, M.D.

Choices: When you accept responsibility for your life and the choices you make, you begin to tap into the power of your own spirit. You’ll be able to listen to and appreciate the intuitive wisdom that’s inside you, and apply it positively and constructively to your outside world.”

“This card will act as a mantra to help you focus and bring clarity to a potentially important choice that you may need to make. Let this card help you to refocus your scattered thoughts and energies, and bring you back to a place where the sheer number of options don’t seem so overwhelming. Choices need to be made, and the more time you take in making these vital decisions, the longer it will be before you can achieve your goals in the physical material world”.

“All the choices you’ve already made in your life have brought you to this point, so the Spirit World is helping you now to stop , analyze, and assess the various options before you, and how each might affect the outcome. Acknowledge the signs and follow those intuitive nudges to help you make the right choice. Making the right decision today has more purpse and validity than one made on a whim or in desperation”. -John Holland, (psychic medium)