Paintings and Drawings of people:


, mixed media 18×24″

Note: The Reference photo I used for this was taken by my son ,Jacks, good friend Iain Brogh. He is a talented artist in his own right ,and I’m not surprised his photography is great too. The reference photo I used is under my blog. I did love it just as it was, (with the cat on my sons head), and may paint several versions, as Jack gave me the ‘go ahead’ and said that Iain didn’t care. Thank you Iain for capturing Jack and giving me such a great photo to use as reference! The photos Iain took are under February 14,2022 Blog entry.
Molly Ringwald from the 1980’s movie, ‘Pretty in Pink’.

In memory of my art teacher and friend. A great artist and person, Donn DeVita (2011, egg tempera)

Gram (Florence, my grandmother, the queen of hearts.)