A good read:

Last months book club selection, I was sick that day, but still read the book. It had a lot going for it despite being incredibly sad at times. It was one of those books I have a feeling I will remember. (at least the overall plot line). I liked it.

Daisy Mae:

I took this last week,,,,

Apparently she reads tarot cards! who knew?!

Side Note: I only read them occasionally for myself, so please don’t ask me or Daisy for readings. We don’t personally believe in giving our advice as we are only cat and human….However, we are glad there are people out there who are able to offer the public tarot readings, and do not find it awkward to do so…. ) It’s just not our forte!

a couple of picture of me and the Princess Daisy Mae:

These are not the best ones of me, (wasn’t feeling too great that day, but not too terrible to take a photo) . I thought I’d post as I posted me and Jake in a different post today, I have to include my cat. technically she is my sons cat, but I feed her live with her etc….etc) )Daisy looks beautiful and regal as ever, the bottom one really captures her personality (at least I think so…). Sweet and haughty all at the same time….!

Homemade Stick Deodorant Recipe:

O.K. This is an unusual post, but I think there must be other people out there who are finding the store bought deodorant to be giving them itchy rashes like they do me. Or, Maybe you are concerned with the health risks that come from all the chemicals….I honestly would never have tried this if I didn’t have to. I have tried natural type deodorants before (a long time ago) and didn’t think they worked too great, but this is pretty impressive. I like it. So, here it is:

Ingredients: 2 T Coconut Oil, 2 T Shea Butter, 1 tsp. wax pellets, 1tsp baking soda, 3 T Arrowroot,Cornstarch or Bentonite Clay, 15 Drops of the essential oil of your choice. (I used Mint).

Place the Coconut Oil, Shea Butter , and Wax Pellets in a bowl. Prepare a larger bowl of very hot/boiling water and place the Coconut oil ,Shea Butter and Wax Pellet bowl inside of the other bowl to melt the ingredients. Once Melted, carefully take the bowl out.

Next add the Baking Soda, Starch, and Essential oils, Mix well and pour the mixture into your container. I used an old recycled deodorant stick container that I had boiled to get all residual product out of.

At first I thought it might be too gummy to form into a solid, but after settling over night it is a perfect solid and glides on easily. It smells minty and feels great. I have heard that you might need to fiddle with the ingredients (slightly more oils or starches) depending on your climate. I think I like this better than any store bought deodorants I have ever used, (even though , I admit, if I didn’t have to try this, I wouldn’t have! lol) Hopefully someone out there find this post helpful! 🙂