I remember hearing this song playing in the house. My mom loved Helen Reddy. This is a powerful song and I can see and understand now why mom liked it so much. I think it will always remind me of mom, which says alot about my mother, (in a good way). This is a great anthem for young girls and women everywhere. It is just as revelant today as it was back in 1971 when it was recorded. Unfortunately We still have a very LONG way to go as a society on womens equality, but things are better now than they were back then:

Just…wow! such a talent!:

Look this up and watch it, what an amazing voice!

Douglas Mills Jr sings “Strange Fruit” on American Idol Season 20 Auditions March 20, 2022 episode. “That was superb,” said Lionel. “You’re a superstar, you … Continue reading


I was looking back on some saved emails that I just can’t bear to delete. This is a video My friend Mark Robinson sent Me two years ago. About a week prior to his passing on March 25th. He said it made him reminisce about rock climbing with his friends. (This was not his video, just one he saw that made him think back to climbing there) I really Miss you wherever you are Mark. I know it must be a good place. You, like many pets and people I have known and cared about or loved must be somewhere full of light and happiness…I wish I had not argued with you prior to your passing. I know we had gotten past our disagreements on pitbull dogs (you were so convivced they were all bad dogs, and I was so convinced it is 90 plus percent the way people train, handle and treat these dogs…I’m sure we would still disagree, yet, if I’d known your state of mind, I would have just agreed with you or changed subjects…well, I know you held no angst in your heart towards me as you had your brother send me that unbelievable gift from beyond the grave) I miss you mark. I hope you are climbing mountains.

A true hero:

I hope she and her dogs all make it through and that she will have enough donations, etc…to get through to safety. All animals are precious, but these dogs are entirely defenceless and dependent on people. They are like are like little children, toddlers really. Please help if you can afford to do so….(and if not please generously share this article, thank you!)