A photo of me that I kind of like.

This is Just a quick shot of myself without make up- (Most of the time I couldn’t be bothered with anything but lipstick, Just not high on the priority list.) I’ve been messing around with coloring the backgrounds of a few photos, like this and the Jake ones I just posted…which were super fun to do. The process is similar to using an ‘etch-a-sketch’. It’s fairly new to me as I’m not computer or technology savy AT ALL!

#Inktober52, Week23/Prompt: ‘Cube’-finally catching up on these…It’s summer which isn’t my best season (health-wise). Plus I was finishing up part of my sons graduation present, (a t-shirt quilt made from some of his old faves). I definitely under estimated how long the whole project would take. I’m not as quick with sewing as I thought I’d be. lol. I’m mightily glad I started ironing all the stabilizers to the tshirt backs months ago or I would’ve been in for a rude awakening. I’m constantly lecturing my son on procrastination and yet, I did not heed my own “advice”. But it was delivered on time and he seemed to like it, so I was relieved to gift it to him. Project completed. Amen. I will post a photo of it later.