Our Nightly Ritual, (or should I say, ‘Disagreement’? :

This is Jake laying lengthwise across my pillow. When I go use the bathroom, brush my teeth etc…He takes the time to get comfy on the bed. This is his ‘Lordship’ splayed across my pillow… He will grumble and moan when I move him and make himself as heavy and difficult as possible, (but he’s never mean), just grumbling and grouchy. . I will still give him his own little pillow for his head, and he’ll sleep next to me that way for part of the night. Usually he turns around at some point so that his little fanny is facing me…(which can be slightly unpleasant when he’s gassy, a frequent occurence, lol. Tonight I decided to take these photos as he is older and has heart problems so I have to appreciate all the time I DO still have with him. I want to remember all his funny little antics. I love him SO much!- My little buddy Jake-

He always manages to make me smile!