Here’s a couple of ‘anti-anxiety’ knitting projects that I just finished. One of the shawls I gave to a friend, (and forgot to take a photo first) . These are available to purchase at my Etsy shop: ‘FreyasFalcons’. I plan on adding more there in the coming months. So check back for added items, such as: hats, fingerless gloves and other accessories. These shawls have been great projects as I haven’t felt much like painting or drawing recently. I’ve been listening to Laurie R. Kings audio books (sherlock holmes and mary russell series … and highly recommend them as good listening whilst you knit and crochet.

Note: The patterns below are varation’s on Stephen West’s “Boneyard Shawl” I used his basic pattern sans the ridges on these two. (Look up his youtube channel, he has some awesome instructional videos!) Anyway’s I followed his basic pattern for my friends shawl but changed it quite a bit for the two shown below). It is a good basic pattern for a triangle shawl or shawlette.

It’s hard to tell in the photos , but the brown yard has bits of metallic thread running throughout, Almost like colorful tin foil threads.

fall 2022.

I love this you tube channel. I’ve been watching quite a few of her videos and learning a few things along the way. Kate cracks me up. She has Great advice, but gives it with a healthy & down to earth dose of humor. Although I have no debt, I still could use some improvement with my finances and ideas on how to work toward having more savings. I thought I’d share this as it might be helpful to some, especially with prices being so high in just about every category.