#Inktober52, Week31/Prompt: ‘Robot’

My brother used to love this 1960’s T.V. show (they were still playing reruns of it in the 70’s), called “Lost In Space’. I watched it sometimes too. The best part was the robot. This is my attempt at it. It’s not my favorite subject to paint/draw, but it was a good challenge for me to do something different. I would normally never decide ‘gee, I think it’d be fun to paint a robot…’ It was kind of fun, but I could go a long time without doing another robot drawing….I thought of painting ‘The Stepford wives robots’, but this was a lighter mood and if I start thinking about the ‘Stepford Wives’ story, It will get my mind going to all the social injustices against women in the world….I’ll save that for another time….the news each week gives me more than enough angst and dark thoughts regarding that topic.