I Like this chanel, ‘Under the Median’. These guys have lots of great advice and aren’t judgemental at all. I think most people could glean a few tips from them, and so I thought I’d share this. I know a lot of people are having trouble with the costs of living increasing pretty much across the board. I talked with a woman today whose rent was going up $500 per month. She is afraid she won’t be able to find an affordable place here and just wants to leave the Cape altogether. She told me price gouging is really out of hand here on Cape Cod, because so many wealthy people live here now and the landlords can, simply put, charge whatever they want to. I think the Cape is worse for this sort of thing (especially right now), as the super wealthy seem to be invasively taking over. I wish they’d get bored and move somewhere else. (At least the spoiled/self absorbed ones, of which we seem to have way too many right now!!!) Anyways, this is for the regular people (who aren’t uber-rich), maybe you’ll find some good tips here. I hope so. Also, These two are Vegans and there is also a lot of advice for food shopping, etc…(Vegan or not):