First, let me introduce you to my son’s cat, Daisy…

She may look sweet and innocent, but she has quite the reputation as a peeping Tom in the neighbors windows – and a vicious little serial killer with the all the neighborhood critters.(Needless to say I am bestowed with many gifts left kindly at my front door. Once, she jumped on a turkeys back –now that is brave, though a perhaps a bit short sighted. Her scar was worth the thrill!)

She’s all personality…..This photo is of the sweet and innocent variety. It’s probably diner time and shes reminding me how much she cares.

As her main person/feeder, when I don’t have my son to help out I enjoy my “cat/parrot” scarf accessory, but her nails are quite sharp. My son is a bit envious of her love of my shoulders. I am hoping someday she will favor his. Daisy, what I want to know is, where does all that drool come from? (If any of you out there have a Tuxedo cat, is this normal for these guys?)

Lesson for the day:
“Sometimes your shoulders can get a little wet and lacerated, and that’s ok.”

A thought to live by from Daisy:
”Sometimes you just feel so happy you can’t help but drool a little bit.”