work in progress: Drawings for a small childrens book (=volunteer project) for the healthcare center I go to.

The book I’m working on is going to be something that can be given out to children who have moms with chronic illness. I have had this idea for awhile and spoken with my therapist about it. I’d like to finish it by March or April. I have put it on the back-burner over and over (in other words, procrastinated). Being someone who tends ro get whaled with energy deficits and punishing symptoms over all manner of activity, (be it mental, emotional or physical …sometimes the mental and emotional can give such appalling physical symptoms…it can feel as though you did something physical to get more ill when you barely leave your bed. I have dreaded committing to a goal with a finish line. Mostly because I’ve a feeling it will cost me healthwise. Most of my projects and goals are one-offs, finishing a drawing, a scarf, doing simple tasks that don’t have to work together as a whole. Already I can see this will suck out a lot more energy than I want to acknowledge,(sometimes denial is the only way to get through things) but I really want to do this for the health center. I’ve one other childrens picture book I started years ago as well, If I can do this one first, at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing it may be useful to other moms and their children.

-still needs to have color added-

-mostly done-