This just re-affirms my feelings that the NHS seems about as helpful as the NIH (NOT!) with their ‘advice’. I find it morbidly amusing that they say restrictive diets are not good for ME/CFS…Gee, I wonder what they would suggest those of us with massive food issues should do? My stomach has been upset for over a month. No Birthday cake for me this year. Mom was going to make me gluten free chocolate cake. It is still on her kitchen table. I don’t dare eat it. Instead she made me bannana ice cream, which is good, but it is not cake. Sometimes I eat gluten free bread or a gf bagel and that is kind of a treat now. On the plus side, my stomach being at war with me is good for weight loss… I did need to lose weight and I am on an excellent protocol for that. I really never appreciated how much I liked the freedom of food choices. I guess its true what they say, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it’.