The dorkiest glasses ever!

I got these online (actually tried them on and thought they looked good! I thought they looked chic…NOT! lol) What was I thinking??? Well, I can tell you one thing, I am really rockin’ the “Velma” look (“Scooby-Doo” cartoon) lol…or maybe “Where is Waldo?” =(childrens book character)? I’m glad I got a 2nd pair that are more attractive, but I will still wear these because I am a bit of a dork/nerd. lol They do make me laugh!

Update: Even more Velma-(ish) without my signature lipstick. I’m actually starting to like these glasses. Maybe I should be worried…lol…but there is something liberating about the dorky glasses and no make-up. I don’t even need to pencil in my sparse brows, as with these glasses it doesn’t matter. You can’t see my brows. I tend to just wear my lipstick usually, but I think these glasses might go better without lipstick. I doubt the character Velma would bother with lipstick, maybe that cartoon character is my new fashion inspiration…at least on those frequent days when I really could care less.