Some glass plates I painted for gifts:This is easy to do but you will need paints for glass. I have had my paints for a long time and am trying to use up what I have. The plates are something I already had but never used. I have seen you can buy glass plates at the dollar tree (or at a thrift store, I’m a firm believer in upcycling), and this will keep the costs down. Most arts and craft stores will sell glass paint. You only need the primary colors really…then mix away!

They look better in person, these are the ones I haven’t sold. I sold a few and donated the proceeds to the MSPCA, to help out a pitbull named Kenny. I’m not sure it will go to him per se, but regardless it was a small donation that just cost me a little time to help out the animals.

One of the that I sold , must’ve deleted the other photos