My son Jack just sent me these. He’s at his friends apartment, (several of his friends live there), and this is one of the communal ‘apartment’ cats they all share. I guess the cat likes Jack!

Note: Photos were taken by Jack’s friend: Iain Brogh. He is a talented aritist himself and apparently an excellent photographer too! I used these as a reference for one of my paintings, (and may do more in the future based on these), they capture Jack so perfectly!) Thank you Iian!

Doesn’t my son have the most beautiful eyes? He said he doesn’t particularly like the hat, but he grabbed it to protect his head. Personally, I kinda like the hat….it looks much cleaner than his favorite baseball cap! Either way, he is a handsome boy, (and a sweet boy) I’m so proud of him.
February 14, 2022 (both photos taken by Iain Brogh)