My awesome physical therapist recommended acupuncture to me to get rid of the last of my frozen shoulder. I am a believer in acupuncture now (at least for my frozen shoulder.) I’ve only been 3x and I think my shoulder is at about 90% now! Of course pt got me most of the way there, just not that last area so i could raise my arm over my head again. It hasn’t helped my latest ‘additional’ symptom of rib pain, (that seems not to be the same kind of rib pain as costochondritis…so this is new to me) but then again that wasn’t really why I went there. The acupuncturist is just kind (as was my extremely kind physical therapist) and added that treatment too. I highly recommend it to anyone to give it a try. This community acupuncture makes it more affordable, especially if you only need a couple sessions like I did.