I wish each and every one of the members of the NIH who have stood to block progress and cloud truth would come down with ME/CFS… (the most severe form for Francis Collins and Dr. Walter Koroshetz…)shame on them! : ( …and, I hate to say it, but Shame on Dr. Anthony Fauci too (regarding ME/CFS and his damage to research in the early 2000’s). I know he has openly spoken up in awareness/support of ME/CFS and stated that Long Covid appears to be extremly similar, if not the even the same disease) and I do greatly appreciate his voice of sanity regarding Covid information, but we really could’ve used his help then and he certainly could step up to the plate now in our defense. I am so disgusted and disappointed with the NIH:

I think in the above photos I took today I look properly pissed off, so I will include here (what I think of the NIH, ….not much.

I’m not sure why but I am having trouble sharing the article. If anyone is interested in reading about the latest big fail of the NIH for people with ME/CFS, go to ‘Health Rising’ and read Cort Johnsons article titled: ‘Epic Fail’…Cort always tries to put a positive spin on things and has in the past given the NIH more benefit of the doubt than many of us long term sufferers can stomach, but even he can’t find anything positive to say about this latest BETRAYAL, other than that we need to bypass the NIH and consider them to be nonexistent for us at this point, (as they have shown us they are liars and have no intention of helping us ever), we now need to bypass them and go over their heads, we need to focus on Congress. Congress has actually begun to realize the ME/CFS community is in dire staits and is no longer willing to accept the shitty dehumanizing treatment that has been our fare for decades.