My response to’s article titled”No more Mr. Nice Guy by Brian Hughes (Nov.21). So for those who are interested in the miserable politics (aren’t all politics miserable??) Look it up! If I died tomorrow, I would be HAPPY in Knowing that these horrible psycologists and psychiatrists who have had such a strong hold of abusive control on me/cfs patients and done such irreparable harm to so many with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis are on their way OUT, and will soon no longer be considered credible “EXPERTS”. In my opinion many of them should be jailed for crimes against humanity. At least they are being exposed. The Emperor has no clothes….and never did! ….and FINALLY the powers that be are “catching on” (in this case, NICE). Unfortunately, many people who have had covid 19 are ending up with something that looks a hell of alot like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Dr Fauci has even acknowledged this, and he should know , he has long been aware of ME/CFS and has never been a denier of its existence as a real and valid illness. I feel so sorry for them all. If only people had taken this seriously way back, so many people could be helped early on,before so much damage is done and they are prevented from losing out on so much of their lives. Permanately stuck in a half-life existence. So many could have been Prevented from becoming sicker and sicker because they were given BAD advice early on. (by the so called psychiatic “Experts”)And yet, this article gives me great hope. People in powerful positions are being called out!!! FINALLY!!!