I have heard about this before, the 5 love languages and decided to look it up. (I was curious what they were). I took the ‘quiz’ for kicks, and because I can’t sleep. I’m not looking to date anyone and am not really interested in the world of dating at this point,but I was surprised by my quiz results. (Plus there are many different kinds of love).I think years ago my results would have been very different. I got the highest % for ‘acts of service’ and ‘quality time’.The other 3 love languages are: ‘words of affirmation’. ‘touch’ and ‘gift giving’: (I would’ve thought gift giving would’ve been higher on my %, , but I think I’ve enjoyed the giving of gifts (sometimes not that well thought out by me, (in retrospect), much more than receiving them (from boyfriends at least) …excepting particularly thoughtful/inspired gifts. Try the quiz if you are curious like I was!