I couldn’t stand the greying hair anymore, so back to my mermaid green (at least it’s vegetable dye, so it’s not a permanent commitment) I doubt I’ll be able to keep it up in the summer months. I get bad migraines and you have to let this dye soak in overnight with a shower cap on, (plus it takes some energy). I found I couldn’t do it last summer….but its a tempoary reprieve from the salt and pepper, which I love on others but not so much on myself. I wish it would just get more solid white areas, I’d like that better…but it is what it is. I took a whole bunch of pictures of us and I don’t like all of the ones of myself, but Ms. Daisy Mae looks so adorable in all of them, so I’ll post them. (and stop being vain) Isn’t she such a pretty kitty? She has a ton of personality too For better or worse! lol) She is VERY intelligent.