Daisy Mae:

I took this last week,,,,

Apparently she reads tarot cards! who knew?!

Side Note: I only read them occasionally for myself, so please don’t ask me or Daisy for readings. We don’t personally believe in giving our advice as we are only cat and human….However, we are glad there are people out there who are able to offer the public tarot readings, and do not find it awkward to do so…. ) It’s just not our forte!

a couple of picture of me and the Princess Daisy Mae:

These are not the best ones of me, (wasn’t feeling too great that day, but not too terrible to take a photo) . I thought I’d post as I posted me and Jake in a different post today, I have to include my cat. technically she is my sons cat, but I feed her live with her etc….etc) )Daisy looks beautiful and regal as ever, the bottom one really captures her personality (at least I think so…). Sweet and haughty all at the same time….!