For my dear friend Mark, who took his life last March.

It has been just about a year. (Mark passed away March 25, 2020). I think of him most every day. He did NOT have addiction issues as this video shows, and he was not my boyfriend but in someways we were even closer than that. In many ways I think he was my best friend, only I did not realize it until he was gone. We could share things we knew we would each understand and not pass judgements ( because of the illness we both had in common).

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is what ultimately drove him to his decision. He suffered terribly with it for many years, and later in the illness he aquired an atypical case of Lipodystrophy (which is a fat wasting disease), that the Drs. could not treat. Ultimately he could bear it all no longer. What made this illness even crueler for him was that everything he loved most to do was sport related…all of which he could no longer do…or if he tried to, he would have suffered dire repercusions and consequences for his efforts.

I miss you so much Mark. I love you as the dear irreplaceable friend you were to me, and I will miss you forever…’until we meet again’.

This video is my small dedication to you, wherever you are.

I hope you are in a much happier place doing all the things that you missed out on for so many years. If I even had a decent photo of you , I’d draw or paint you. Maybe I will do a painting of Walden Woods in your honor…your favorite place, your “sanctuary”.

I thank you with all of my heart for the gift you instructed your brother to send to me.

I knew even before I opened it that it was somehow from you, even though only your last name was on the outside envelope. A gift from beyond the grave. It made me cry…I received it almost a year to the anniversary of your passing.

P!nk - Who Knew (Official Music Video)

Click here to Watch: P!nk – Who Knew (Official Music Video) – YouTube for you Mark. › watch