Oracle cards pulled for the first half of September: Pulled from: Sandra Anne Taylors’ “Energy Oracle Cards”, Cheryl Richardsons’ “Self-Care Cards”, and Judith Orloffs’ The Power of Surrender” Cards. Enjoy!

“Community :Connection with Kindred Spirits”

“This card shows three women celebrating, sharing ideas and supportive energy. The lights in the picture represent your ever-present spirit community as well. When this card appears upright, it indicates an association of some kind. It may bea casual connection of like-minded people, joining a club or community of some sort, or even a business partnership consisting of three or more entities. The time is right to make such new connections and to share intentions, whether they’re personal or professional.”

“Networking and community are important parts of the human experience, and the security and sense of connection can be beneficial to all. It’s true that when several people join their intentions, it accelerates their power in the energetic realm. Receiving this card puts you on notice that the Universe is sending some beneficial allies your way.”

“Like the Happy Family card, this could also indicate a party or celebration of some kind.” – Sandra Anne Taylor

Cheryl Richardsons’self-care card for the week.: Faith: “Faith grows when you act without knowing the end result”
-and Lastly, from: The Power of Surrender cards by Judith Orloff, M.D. :”If you’re obsessing about a person or situation, turn the dilema over to Spirit. Doing so will help bring you clarity or even solve the problem.”