Me and my beautiful putty cat, Daisy Mae: I’m so grateful to have her , (and Lucy Liu). I still miss my Jakey so much,(I guess I always will), but Daisy and Lucy bring me so much happiness and remind me there are still little furry creatures who need and love me. I hope and wish for that anyone who suffers with lonliness has an animal to love and care for. They are the sweetest souls. I highly recommend rescuing them rather than going to a breeder. If you look at the rescue sites, there are so many heartbreaking stories. I wish I could save them all. To quote from the book, “The book thief”, :” I am haunted by humans”. It is hard to believe the cruelty and neglect some people deliver to these incredible creatures. (I have to believe it is a very small minority of humanity, and yet I’m appalled at the amount of neglected and thrown away animals in the Southern states). Anyways, If you are considering getting an animal, consider rescuing one. There are so many in need of loving homes.