Look at my neighbors beautiful cat. I’ve been told he loves watching Daisy. He’s an indoor Regal Prince, she’s more of a wild child with a bit off cattitude, I hope she doesn’t taunt him through the window, but she probably does. She has the reputation of a neighborhood peeping Tom. Lucky for me the neighbors seem to really like her and nick-named her “Boots”. Thank Goodness she doesn’t velcro herself to their window screens as she does to ours! Though she’s been better with that since I hung a bell on the door handle and she rings it all day to let me know she wants in or out. Its pretty cute to see her standing on her hind legs knocking around that bell and meowing.

Prince Bean Sprout

Me and Sprout
My neighbor walks him around in a baby stroller. It is so adorable to see. He also walks by her side just like a dog, unleashed. Jake used to love this cat and Bean Sprout was always nice to him…very tolerant. I think he heven allowed jake to nose him. This cat is SO mellow, you can pick him up and he gives you kitty kisses.He has the most beautiful sky Blue eyes and his fur is like a cloud. Just a Love!
He looks like an advertisement for a Fancy Feast cat commercial. He is huge, like a small dog, probably double (or more) the size of my petite Princess Daisy. It would be cool to see them side by side. I’d love to see her watching Sprout. I bet she sits on the other side of the glass door or in a window staring, but when he has tried to visit her outside outside , she runs off.