“Enchanted Forest” Green hair /Vegan dye by Manic Panic.

I decided to go back to dyeing my white/salt & pepper hair for now. It is not white enough that I like it (yet). So,even though it is tiring and messy to do this, I’m now comitted to it for awhile. I like it but was a little disappointed as I thought it would be a little more drastic being that I have a fair amount of white hair now. Overall, I am pleased with it. I heard it shows more ouside in the sun.

My son likes it better when I dye it ,(or at least he did when it was blue). He thought the blue I used to use, (also by Manic Panic), made my hair “look like the Ocean”. Who doesn’t like that for a compliment?

Hopefully he approves of the green, but he is a teenager (so it is anyones guess) and his favorite color is blue, so I won’t count on his “approval” ! lol.