A bunch of quick photos of me. It is snowing out so I figured I’d put on the rose crown as a sign of spring coming soon.

They aren’t the best photos but I didn’t want to bother putting on much makeup and my face is a bit swollen due to stupid illness…but,… it was just something fun to do….

I was hoping the green hair would show more. I think florescent light must show it alot or direct sunlight as people do notice it and USUALLY like it. (or aren’t rude enough to share their opinion if they don’t!) Its fun and If it makes people smile, then that’s good.I like it.

Its nice to have younger girls commenting on it. I hope I inspire them that if they want to do something particular with their hair ,or whatever, then… just do it! You are never to old to dress ,do your hair , etc..etc… as you wish!